2018 Fees & Script Costs

Consultation Fees

We have a detailed fee structure, based on various factors.

The length of consultations averages between 1hr and 2hr time slots as the assessment is intense and detailed.

Please contact the practice telephonically with regards to the cost of a consultation.

We are a cash practice, so require that you settle the account with us directly and then claim from your medical aid fund.


Due to administrative costs and the time involved, we charge for scripts.

Certain medication (Ritalin, Concerta, Ritalin LA) are scheduled medication and by law, a new script has to be issued each month.  The pharmacies require and ORIGINAL script (enforced BY LAW), which means that we are unable to fax or email these prescriptions.  These original scripts are posted to patients.

We do not charge for trial scripts or scripts that are issued within 4 weeks of a scheduled follow up visit.

We endeavour to offer an efficient service and put a high priority on the sound and safe medical management of the patients medical condition.

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22.01 | 05:27

I grew up in CPT, now living in USA and will be visiting parents in March with my 10yr son who has Leigh syndrome. Need to have local doc in case of emergency.

27.11 | 17:19

Dr Schlegel says that you may see her or a psychiatrist - whoever is the most convenient for you to consult.
Please cal 021 7614967 for any further info

26.11 | 08:06

Dear Dr Schlegel, I have an 8-year old low-spectrum Autistic grandchild with behavioral problems,mainstream school. should she see you or a paed.psychiatrist?

13.10 | 08:23

Dr Schlegel My son is 6years old and has been in OT for three years and recently had a course (20 sessions) of neurofeedback. He finds it hard to be still.

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