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  • Dr Schlegel specialises in Paediatric Neurology, developmental difficulties, learning difficulties and behaviour problems.  She does not see patients with general paediatric problems.  You will still need to see your general paediatrician for all general medical problems and any medical emergencies.  For neurological emergencies Dr Schlegel will provide support for your general paediatrician.  All such telephonic discussions are free of charge.
  • Dr Schlegel is not able phone calls. Please be prepared to leave a message and your contact telephone numbers with Dr Schlegel’s receptionist. You will need to tell the receptionist the reason for your call.  Please allow the telephone to ring for a while as the lines are busy and the receptionist may be on another line to other patients.  Alternatively, you may also send us a fax on 086-514-7581.  Only in case of an emergency, can you contact Dr Schlegel on her cell phone.  Please do not SMS and do not Whatsapp, they will not be answered.
  • Dr Schlegel prefers to speak on a land line if possible and might contact you after office hours depending on the circumstances.  Please make sure all your telephone numbers in your file are up to date (i.e. home, work and cell phone).
  • Dr Schlegel does not work during the Private school holidays in April, July, September and December/January.  If you need a script during the period she is away, you are requested to please contact your Paediatrician or GP.  Please make sure your Paediatrician /GP is kept in the picture as you would need to contact him/ her should Dr Schlegel not be available.
  •  Please phone well in advance to order a repeat prescription so that we can process the script correctly. Please do this ahead of time, preferably a week in advance.  The fee for a script is R91. per script. Most medical aids will reimburse for up to R101. for a script. Some chemists do not accept faxed scripts for schedule 5&6 medications. Please make sure your chemist is happy to accept a faxed script for the medication your child has been prescribed (it differs depending on the medication).  If your medication /script needs posting please notify us 2 weeks ahead of time.  Please do not SMS script requests.
  • Dr Schlegel has a 6-8 week waiting list.  Please make your follow up appointments well in advance.  Please confirm your appointment 48hrs before your visit.  We will unfortunately re-allocate your appointment if we cannot confirm your appointment.
  • If your child is on a trial of medication you will need to give Dr Schlegel feed back and you might need to give that information to the receptionist who will convey it to Dr Schlegel. You might also require a follow-up appointment.
  • Dr Schlegel consults at Room 209A Constantiaberg Medi Clinic and at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and is not always available at her rooms so please contact her receptionist if need be.

Thank you for your co-operation and assisting us to provide a more efficient service to all patients

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13.10 | 08:23

Dr Schlegel My son is 6years old and has been in OT for three years and recently had a course (20 sessions) of neurofeedback. He finds it hard to be still.

24.09 | 08:22

Thanks For Spreading Knowledge about health

14.08 | 13:20

Good-day I have been referred by Catherin Futter to make an secure an appointment with Dr. Schlegel or Dr.Ackeman. Is it possible you can provide possible dates

05.08 | 12:17

Hello good morning Dr. Schlegel

I am João Filho, Angolan and I live in Angola I have a son with psychomotor developmental delay, I intend to go to Cap Tonw to do neurological consultations and do the necessary exams and do intensive physiotherapy

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